KIND Healthy Snacks — Not So Healthy (or KIND) in All Cases

You may have heard of or seen the KIND Healthy Snack trucks around town giving out samples of their snack bars.

But being allergic to soy I wrote to them to express my discontentment with the soy lecithin I was finding in all of their snack bars.  Turns out there are two of their snack bars that are sans soy.

Here’s what their representative said:

“Thank you for your interest in KIND Healthy Snacks.

“Indeed, soy lecithin is present in many of our bars as an emulsifier.  It helps integrate the liquid and solid ingredients in our binder, reduce stickiness, and prevent separation of the fat from the nuts and natural water from the honey & fruits.

“I am pleased to inform you, however, that all of our ingredients are non-GMO, including the soy lecithin.  Our soy lecithin comes from Identity Preserved Soybeans (NON GMO soybeans).

“Additionally, the below flavors do not contain soy lecithin:

“Almond Cashew with Flax + Omega 3

“Mango Macadamia + Calcium”

So if you do find you want to try their snack bars, these would be the only two that are truly soy free.

Happy, healthy eating.



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